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Active mountain biking holidays in Tyrol

Mountain biking in Tyrol An unforgettable adventure

Tyrol, the heart of the Alps, offers an unforgettable mountain bike experience for bikers of all levels. From the green forests in the valley to the breathtaking peaks, Tirol offers a variety of trail options / driving routes for all types of adventure seekers.

For beginners there are easy and leisurely paths that lead through idyllic landscapes. Advanced bikers, on the other hand, can test their skills on challenges such as technical single trails and steep descents. And for the really adventurous, there are also extreme downhill routes that guarantee an adrenaline rush.

A highlight of mountain biking in Tyrol are the impressive views of the Alps and the surrounding mountains. Most of the trails offer breathtaking panoramas that make biking a unique experience.

Tyrol is also a popular place for organized and guided mountain bike tours. Led by experienced guides, these tours offer a safe and fun way to explore the region. The guides know the best trails and offer valuable tips and tricks for biking.

If you have your own bike, you can easily transport it to Tyrol by train, and if you don’t have one, you can rent one on site. There is also a wide range of accommodation, from simple guesthouses to luxurious hotels specially designed for mountain bikers.

Mountain biking in Tyrol is an unforgettable adventure for bikers of all levels. With its variety of trail options, impressive views and organized tours, Tyrol is a must for anyone who loves mountain biking or cycling.