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Firmenangebot – B2B

Reduce the risk of accidents in your free time with company courses


Guests, employees and customers are the key to success – it is therefore important to have satisfied and healthy partners in your company.
In our events and team events, we strengthen trust, emotional bonds, cohesion and motivation within the team/company. We also promote the safety of your employees, as we provide preventive training and practice in the driving safety courses to prevent injuries. In addition, fun is not neglected at our events, so that all participants will remember a great event.
Our offer includes events, workshops, driving safety training and driving technique training for your employees or for partners and customers.


Our range:

  • We would be happy to plan individual events for you.
  • from cozy to adventure
  • trained bike guides
  • large groups
  • personal

What you can expect from us:

Beim Red’n kemman d’Leit zamm!

  • We are happy to implement your idea: from multi-day events / bike tours to short bike workshops or repair courses, everything is possible.
  • Not all participants are bikers, no problem we will also find an alternative program
  • location independent


We are happy to plan events that can be reached by bike. Of course, alternatively by car or public transport. If the bike is only needed for one journey, we organize the collection of the bikes and the transport of the people back to your desired location. Our partner has top-equipped e-bikes in all sizes.
We are also happy to lead the group to the desired destination.

Sample event for a company outing



We don’t organize boring events, we’re all about experiencing something together or working together and learning something along the way.
For example, we build a bicycle together, organize a breakdown assistance course or go on a scavenger hunt with the bike over hill and dale.
A leisurely guided bike tour to a hut with an overnight stay is also possible and can be organized individually.

Driving safety training

Cycling is becoming more and more popular – not only in leisure time, but also the way to work is covered more and more often by bike. Cycling is good for your health and the environmentally friendly alternative to the car. As the number of cyclists increases, so does the frequency of accidents. A study by the KfV “Cycling on the way to work” (2021) recorded and evaluated the causes of accidents. Most accidents happen in the morning on the way to work.

accident at work!

We offer driving safety training for your employees

driving safety training

Bremsenworkshop für Magura SRAM SHIMANO
Brake workshop for Magura SRAM SHIMANO


If you would like to offer your employees, customers or guests a course in which you can learn the basics of bicycle mechanics or a special topic such as “Bleeding the brakes”, we would be happy to support you and also make this possible on site at your place.
A combination of tour and roadside assistance course is also possible, we are happy to advise you!

Contact us without obligation, we would be happy to make you an offer!

We are happy to support you with any request.